Creating Effective and Great Digital Content

Creating Effective and Great Digital Content

Our previous blog post may have left you asking,

“How do I build GOOD content?”

“Am I mindlessly posting on my business Instagram?”

Let's elaborate on this topic.

Some of us are not very creative. We may think this is the reason why creating good content can be difficult. It is a reason that many mindlessly post. Many think that if you post anything, you will still be receiving attention. Here at Acai Media, we think that it is better to take your time with your post and receive the RIGHT attention for your business rather than just any attention. Posting senselessly is okay for your personal page. Your personal page is a reflection of yourself, BUT your business Instagram page is a reflection of your business. All posts related to your business needs to be purpose-filled and attract the correct attention that your business needs. Building good content is the key to success in attracting the right attention.

DON’T WORRY! Not having a creative bone in your body is not a problem!

Here are some helpful tools that anyone can use to receive the proper attention for your business: 

Repurpose & Repost

Repurpose content from your website, facebook page, phone, stock photography, or other accounts. Make sure whatever content you use are of high-quality images. Reuse images that on your website as a planned post. Tweak the image a bit. Crop it or zoom in. Stock photography is a great way to give your business a clean professional look. These images may need to be purchased. Use images that are related to your business. If you use photos from other accounts make sure to give credit by tagging them. Take photos from your phone. Make sure your product is displayed properly and that there is minimal background.

Go Behind the Scenes

Take videos or photos on your story about what happens behind the scenes. Show how your product is made or what goes into displaying your product. Remember to use high-quality images. Give your followers a more interactive feel.

Share Announcements

Share information about your business and upcoming events. Share as a post or on your story. Your followers will always be informed about your products.

Show your Product

Do not forget to show off your product. When you do this you must do it in the best way possible. Take time on your images, post, and captions. Be descriptive and informative.

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