4 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Business Account

4 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram has become a huge platform to get new businesses off the ground. Many people are taking advantage of this platform to promote their businesses. This can potentially bring you more clientele and improve productivity. An online presence is a huge factor for your business today. Here are some tips on how you can improve your Instagram business page, what it should even look like and a couple of tips that can help you bring more attention to your business through the platform.

Did you know that you can make an account on Instagram that is specifically catered to businesses?

Well you can! Once you sign up with your business name go to options and hit the option to make your Instagram a business page. The business page has many helpful tools. You can learn about your followers with insights. It can tell you when the best time to reach your audience and you can promote posts that target your specific audience type. The business option also helps you connect your posts with facebook, twitter, and other popular social media sites. Allowing you to reach an even larger audience. Many businesses, old and new have not learned the importance of creating a visual social media presence. It is so important for reaching a broader network in any industry and beyond. Social media helps companies generate making connections with folks all over the world.

Our recommended tips for a business account on Instagram are


For starters, pick an ongoing theme for your page. Themes pull in your audience. A theme can be anything. It can be a color, a person, or an object. A theme can be the way you present your product. Get creative! Continue your post with that one theme. You can even change up your page's theme every so often. The key is to be consistent. Treat your Instagram page as a website or magazine. Try to only use high-quality photos for your post, with minimal background. Your audience will follow along with it and look forward to your post.

DO NOT post anything personal on your business page. This may seem like common sense for some, but there are some who are not aware of the importance of keeping your personal life separate from your business. Unless your business is an actual personal blog, of course. Your clients do not need to see post about your love life, your break ups, or your first baby’s every move. The focus should be on the product. If your business page is a personal blog you may want to pick and choose what you want to share as well. For example, if you have a personal blog you may want to share hair tips, beauty tips, cooking tips that you personally use. Or you can share how you incorporate different routines into your personal life. Remember, you are reaching a larger audience. You want to make sure you do not overshare. This can become problematic in the future if you do obtain a very large audience. Always keep in mind that everything you post publicly will stay online forever. This leads to the second recommended tip.

  1. Plan Your Post

In order to maintain a clean page make sure to plan ahead! Planning a post is very important because it helps you reach your audience properly and effectively. Do not mindlessly post! On business pages made for Instagram there is a feature that shows you when is the best time and day to post for your specific audience. You do not want to post or promote a post that no one will see, right? NO! You want to post at the best time when you will receive the most views AND “likes”.  So it is important to know these times and plan ahead. When you plan the day and time you would like to post, also go ahead and plan what caption you will add with the photo. Plan what kind of hashtags you want to use ahead of time as well. Hashtags are very important. They target a specific audience type and give your post an opportunity to be viewed by many more people who may not be following your account. I suggest using hashtags that are less saturated. They will guarantee views, and possibly “likes”.

When planning ahead to post, also remember who needs to be tagged in a photo. Give credit to your photographer on every photo they have taken of you. Give credit to any clothing line, makeup artist, stylist, or brand that you may use in a photo. This also helps your page get more exposure. Not to mention, a better rapport with anyone you collaborate with. It is important for you and your business that you have a good reputation. Giving credit where it is due will help you build on that. Doing this may also open a door to a new opportunity and potentially give you the opportunity to make some extra income.

You also want to make sure that before you hit that “post” button that all information on your post is correct. Spell check and make sure everyone is tagged. Add a location. All of this will help reach new potential followers every day.

The “promoting your post” feature offered on the business page is also a great way to reach a larger audience. Although you have to pay for this feature it is a great a way to promote a post. As they often say, “In order to make money you need to spend money”.

  1. Get Creative and Build Content!

After you have tip one and two down pack, it is time to have fun! Getting creative is the best part. Finding new ways to stand out and reach your audience is exciting. The possibilities are endless. Use colors to your advantage. Try something new. Use a square as your starting point for ideas. See how creative you can get with your company's products. How can they be displayed within these squares? Imagine these squares as the windows in your shop. How would you display your product in these windows? Collaborate with different local artist. Two heads are better than one. Two or more creatives coming together can make a world of difference. Come up with new ideas while supporting one another. Though Instagram is based on squares try to think outside of the box as well. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you bring in your audience.

Once those ideas come to fruition, build content. Have projects that are exclusively made to do this. As previously mentioned, do not post everything all at once. Keep content for future post. Have three to four post stashed away and ready to post for later. This will help you save time and allow you to have time to think up new ideas for a future post. Depending on how busy or how much traffic you get on your social media page you may also want to plan how many posts your business would like to share on a weekly basis. This is why it is a good idea to have a preplanned post ready to go.

  1. Update Contact Information

The final and most important tip recommended for an Instagram business page is to make sure all of your contact information on your page is correct and up to date. This tip is pretty straightforward. Link your website to your Instagram. Make sure you have an email and phone number where future clients are able to contact you. If you ever change any of this information make sure to update it immediately. Add your businesses address as well. This is especially important for store owners, restaurants, or hotels where clients can actually walk through your doors. Making your address accessible through social media can help you with this.

Hope you can take these tips into an initiative! Learn more about our Social Media Services by contacting us at hello@AcaiMedia.com.

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